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The effect of the CCR5-delta32 deletion on the expression on other genes has been intensively investigated for CXCR4 [17].

The aberrant gene product from CCR5-delta32 builds an intracellular complex with the CXCR4 receptor preventing the expression on the cell surface.

Chemokines play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of GVHD after allogeneic HSCT.

In experimental models, due to the redundancy of receptor ligand interaction, the deficiency or blockage of a single chemokine does not protect the allograft from acute rejection [18].

Once internalized, these receptors tend to recycle to the cell surface in time.

Most chemokines activate more than one receptor subtype and like other chemokine receptors, CCR5 can bind several chemokines [3].

However, GVHD can occur even though donor and recipient are HLA-concordant as the immune system is still able to recognize other differences in antigenicity and recipients need intensive immunosuppressive medication to prevent the development of GVHD [20, 21].

Although there are advances in the treatment of GVHD, this inflammatory immunoreaction is still responsible for 15% of treatment related mortality [22].

Therefore, understanding and manipulating the mechanisms of GVHD is of important scientific and clinical impact.

It interacts with chemokines that mediate the trafficking and function of memory/effector T-lymphocytes, macrophages, and immature dendritic cells towards sites of inflammation [2].

When bound by their chemokine ligands, these receptors can be internalized, impairing the subsequent ability to bind their ligands.

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