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The discovery raises the possibility that hominins awoke to the idea of tool use in several parts of Africa at once, rather than simply adopting a fashion that spread from the East African Rift Valley, according to the research team, led by archaeologist Mohamed Sahnouni of the Spanish National Research Center for Human Evolution in Burgos.

Sahnouni’s team spent eight years probing the Ain Boucherit site in northern Algeria.

But new evidence suggests that the technology, rough all-purpose tools chipped out of pebbles, might actually have popped up independently in different parts of Africa.

This is according to archaeologists who have discovered stone tools and butchered animal bones on a high Algerian plateau.

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However there is a good chance, even if in nae only you will be asked to convert. I tend to spread out the information I gather about where to meet girls in different posts.

If language is a problem there are also free online dating sites in English.

I have been to North Africa, Morocco and Egypt not Algeria.

I love to surf hike party and to have lots of fun not after long ter..

Aussie guy working and traveling Germany looking to meet some fun new people who are open minded and keen to meet for some fun one night or casual fun.

Its people are aware and enlighten but the problem is their government is authoritarian and not really free.

This is why I would focus my search online rather than traveling to this land and collecting mobile numbers of girls in Oran, Constantine or Annaba in cafes and nightclubs, because unless you are a seasoned traveler and know some Arabic I can not see it being an optimal solution.

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There are about 5 million single women from this north African country who are looking for a mate.

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