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Men give their seat on the bus, insist on paying and hold doors open.In 1918, Azerbaijan became one the first countries to give women the right to vote — the first in the Islamic world.Outside of the capital, Baku, locals still live a rural lifestyle.Many grow fruit and vegetables in plots and often live in modest houses.The vast majority of residents speak Russian as a second language with some viewing it as the language of culture, in the same way that fluency in French represents a certain air of elegance in Europe.Younger Azerbaijanis are beginning to learn English.

An example of this might be someone who shouts at tourists who are taking photographs near a monument, which he or she perceives to be disrespectful. A positive legacy of almost two centuries of Russian rule is the way men respect women.Not everyone has a polite and helpful mindset, after being part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.A few decades ago, those in higher positions liked to flaunt their power.One of the striking parts of Azerbaijan culture is the tea drinking rituals. The brightly coloured drink gets poured into a pear-shaped glass called an armuda, served without milk.A cube of sugar accompanies, and then locals take a bite before sipping the tea.

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Women also hold high positions in government and serve in the military.

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