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Dating side for friendshiep

In 1692 there was an uproar in the small rural town of Salem, which was filled with Puritans who frowned upon such things.

They had come from England, where they were prosecuted because of their religious beliefs.Similar to James, the English elite believed in witchcraft and encouraged witch-hunting, yet the English elite did not participate in the hysteria of the “witch-hunting” like the lower classes did.However, The belief in witchcraft within the elite class conversely created a new subject for intellectual debate.This led to the infamous Salem witch trials, and the deaths and imprisonment of many innocent people.The Salem witch trials were caused by rebellious teens who wanted to protect themselves from punishment, and people who were simply envious of their neighbors and wanted the possessions that they had....

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There are six main characteristics to witchcraft that make it easier to identify it within different cultures....