Dating political differences kate winslet dating leonardo

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Dating political differences

“The impact I want to have is for people to read these stories and come out of it with a new thought process,” she said.

“I want singles to look at themselves and the decisions they’ve made and get back on track.” A growing number of singles in the last year have let their political biases affect their dating decisions, and matchmakers across the country have had to adapt their matching systems or coaching consultations to keep singles from getting in their own way when it comes to romance.

Clients who make snap judgments fueled by political biases limit themselves in the dating scene, and, in response, the matchmaker has become an advocate for keeping an open mind and putting politics aside when meeting a potential love interest.

In a survey in early 2016, 47% of millennials said they wouldn’t date someone whose political beliefs differed from theirs.

Her encouragement and support has made a difference in hundreds of people’s lives, and she told us she hopes to continue to be a positive influence on the dating scene, especially in these tumultuous times.

“I’ve never ever experienced something so difficult,” she said.

Today, her matchmaking team faces the difficult challenge of bringing people together in divisive times.

This next book will compile her greatest success stories throughout her 28-year career and identify the things that made these singles succeed in their relationships.Cassie has been in the dating industry long before Trump, Tinder, or even came into power, and she has seen this phenomenon create global shockwaves that have impacted how singles choose their dates.As an experienced matchmaker, Cassie understands that 100% compatibility between two people is a myth, and couples often have to learn to compromise and learn to accept and love each other’s differences.“Politics was never something clients discussed with me before this. It’s a shame that that’s where we’re at.” Cassie has been making matches and facilitating love stories since 1990, and in that time she has kept a close eye on what her clients want and how they choose their life partners.She said she has never seen political views disrupt dating preferences like they are today.

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The Scoop: Cassie Zampa-Keim has been working in the matchmaking industry since 1990, and she has watched it change dramatically over the decades.

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