Dating oahu lap steel documents required for validating the caste certificate

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Vintage guitars sometimes pose interesting mysteries. Although very close to Rickenbacher in looks and identical in function; this pickup is a modified Rickenbacher copy. Lynn Wheelwright is highly regarded (by pickup professionals as well as others) as "an incredible source of knowledge of obscurity".

We have experience with a number of '36 & '37 Tonemaster/Diana deluxe lap steels we were able to date by source codes.A very good-sounding budget lap steel from the just-postwar Sears Silvertone line. The electronics are very similar to Gibson's 1941 Kalamazoo unit, and it's generally held that CMI sold off the unused stock of these pickups to Chicago builders Harmony and Kay after WWII as they had been superceeded in the company's line. That being so, I found this guitar & pickup combo to surpass the Rickys. It is a rare find that was only made for a short time before Rickenbacher forced production to be sidetracked threatening legal action for patent infringement.Please see the older article quoted below for more details.

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They are at first glance alike but when you examine and take measurements they seem to be made by different folks.