Dating language love in czech republic canada com dating

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Dating language love in czech republic

The app’s users in Jelenia Góra (and globally) can usually be divided into two categories: people who are looking for casual sex, and people who are looking for a relationship.“It’s very easy to get your ass fucked by a random guy.Walking through the historical centre, homeless men sitting and drinking outside on benches regularly shout at passers-by.The open-air gardens in front of the city’s bars are full of men in sports jerseys, drinking beer and cheering for their national team.But to find a guy who wants to get to know you and build a relationship, it’s almost impossible,” says 19-year-old Adam, a student in the town.He was born and raised in Jelenia Góra, and Grindr is the only way for him to connect with other gay men.

Finding a potential partner in a small town whose population has passed the peak of their golden years isn’t an easy task.“We know a lot of people who go to the Czech Republic to have sex. In Jelenia Góra we all know each other, so if someone wants to stay anonymous, they just hop over the border.Grindr can give you a sense of anonymity, if you want to stay anonymous [that is],” Dominik clarifies.There are no gay clubs in the area, no rainbow flags hanging from the windows of historical houses on the main square and no active LGBT community. Walking around the city on a busy weekday, it’s easy to feel the overbearing level of masculinity in the air.“We do not have places here where gay people can hang out. Heterosexual men seem to dominate public spaces in the small border town.

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But there are always exceptions to a rule, despite the fact that Jelenia Góra is – like the rest of Poland – not very accepting nor welcoming to gay people.