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Marriages are arranged to pair people of the same socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and ensure the social order & structure of society.Sri Lanka dating culture is slowly evolving and you can see the number of love marriages increase over years.

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I’m just lonely, and I would love to find someone to cuddle up on my sofa with- someone that isn’t 7 cats or a penis pillow. IT’S TOTALLY A LEGITIMATE WAY TO MEET PEOPLE THAT WILL TOTALLY WORK OUT WELL FOR YOU AND WON’T LEAVE YOU WONDERING IF YOU SHOULD JUST CALL IT QUITS AND JOIN A CONVENT.” Because I’ve had some terrible, truly, a bottle of rose.

The YAMU Date Night Index tells you what hand to play when romance is on the cards.

For these two extremes, more casual places that have a general clientele of families or friends unwinding are best. They will also set up a special corner, a nice pre-chilled bottle of champagne, or other treats if you tell them it's a special occasion while making your reservation.

Colombo has some date night staples that are pretty impossible to get wrong.

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