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Almost daily there is a standup event and sometimes there are even two shows a day. I love this place because of Why is this place so special?Because it’s run with passion, nobody wants to make money out of it.You can also take a bottle of wine, candle and just have a hippie romantic date in the park.Normally I don’t recommend going to the cinema on the date. It doesn’t create any bond, doesn’t bring you closer and doesn’t elevate emotions.It’s a very small place so I suggest you call in advance and make a reservation. It’s open from Wednesday till Sunday from 10.00 till 19.00 o’clock.Check Katten Cafe Kopjes website here There are many cool parks in Amsterdam, but I would suggest you go to Vondelpark or Oosterpark.(She doesn’t speak a word in English ;p but the soup is great ) People working there in the bar are volunteers, they don’t get paid, and prices in the bar are very competitive.

Katten Cafe Kopjes is located on Marco Polostraat 211 1057 WK Amsterdam.Below you can read in short my favorite date ideas in Amsterdam.If you like any of them, scroll down to learn more.If you have some extra time, Amsterdamse Bos is excellent! In Vondelpark, in summer, you should definitely visit an open-air theatre. Food is good enough to spend some time there and it is in a lovely area surrounded by canals and trees. This park is pretty big so don’t spend hours searching for food!Every friday, saturday and sunday there are events, concerts, performances. I am proud to say that my friend Roxy established an amazing website with a standup schedule in Amsterdam – follow this link On this website you can check upcoming events and you will be surprised how many of them take place in Amsterdam.

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