Dating during divorce law

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Dating during divorce law

At the very least, a court can order that any money your spouse spent on their paramour must be reimbursed to your community estate even if a disproportionate award of community property does not come into play.

Dating during divorce: Stay away until the ink has dried on your Final Decree of divorce Your divorce case will not be fun.

What do you need to tell your divorce attorney about regarding a spouse’s relationship?

Whatever you know about your spouse’s relationship with another person needs to be disclosed to your attorney no matter how embarrassing it may be.

You probably already knew this but I am here to confirm that suspicion for you.

No matter what sort of circumstances you have apparent in your life it will not be easy to go through your divorce.

Problems do not only mean that your spouse will be upset and angry with you, but those emotions will likely translate into a longer and more highly contested case.

Let’s break this down a little so that we understand what I mean by “disproportionate” and “community estate”.While you may think that your circumstances allow for a relationship to continue into a divorce case I can promise you that they do not. On the other hand, our office has represented many spouses who are fully aware that their husband or wife has been carrying on an extramarital affair for some time before either person became serious about moving towards a divorce.If you and your spouse have been separated this love triangle may have functioned well enough, but the arrangement will cause problems for you in a divorce.The challenges that you will encounter as a result of entering into a dating relationship with another person during your divorce will cause issues that are completely avoidable.While you may feel like you are emotionally ready to start dating you may not be.

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All property is presumed to be community property in Texas.