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Here's a brief overview, including a look at some of the more modern ways of meeting fellow Jews.

ranges from old-fashioned matchmaking to dating without any emphasis on religion at all.

Often, someone in the neighborhood will make a hobby of match making, trying to bring young people together.

Or the parents of a young man and woman may suggest that they would be a good match.

Beshert focuses on traditional matchmaking to make a Jewish love connection. In observant Jewish families, it's important for the children to marry people who are also Jewish.

More often, the parents simply do what they can to help their children meet other Jews, in hopes that they'll meet the right person and fall in love.

Many Jewish people meet potential dates the way that most Americans do: at school, at work, at religious services, through friends or through hobbies.

A site called JDate exists exclusively to bring Jewish singles together.

It has the usual profiles and photos of members, but this site also lets participants specify whether they keep kosher, how often they go to synagogue, and what branch of Judaism they grew up in.

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The problem, for people who consider it important to marry Jewish, is there are so many chances to meet, and fall in love with, people of other faiths.