Dating a third year med student area dating in lancaster texas tx

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Dating a third year med student

OP is saying that he/she is a sophomore in undergrad right now and in a serious relationship so they may have already possibly gone through stuff that would test their ability to "make it last" through med school despite the big changes.If you have a strong relationship, where you guys are united and work together, and don't argue or cold-shoulder each other, but can consult on things and work together as a team, then talk about it together!

If you guys will definitely get married and are mature and united and think of each other as a team, then getting married during the gap year would make sense.

Medical school and residency would be very hard for a relationship like that.

But for a real healthy and united relationship, it is totally navigable. Residency you might have less than preferable choice on where you want to live, so she would hopefully have to be able to move there with you. My life as a med student got infinitely better once I was in a serious relationship and now married.

(Help her cook and clean too and do everything while your in med school/residency though for sure hahaha)I think it really depends on what kind of relationship you guys have.

So many people get divorced and its because their relationship is like a big game and their disunited, and there's arguments because they each have some problems but don't share and come together and be united.

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It'd be nice to have a wife through medical school and residency, but only if your relationship is healthy, and you guys are united and have lots of real love Just get married whenever you want to. It's great to have a partner to support you, someone to look forward to coming home to at the end of the day - a reason to get your work done and go home! School doesn't get easier after M1 until M4 year.

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