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Your hair takes a full workday to dry after a morning shower, and you look like a wet sheepdog who files invoices. When you're trying to blow-dry your hair and you can't find the diffuser (i.e. Every time you have an important event, you obsess over the above.

Your coworkers are like, "What a talented sheepdog! the attachment that makes you not look like a human Christmas tree). You know those awesome hair tutorials on sites like ours? Not really possible for us curly-haired women to do about 90 percent of the time. Girls with easy, beautiful waves whose hair is perfectly straight on top are always trying to commiserate. That mixed feeling you have when people compliment you on your temporarily straightened hair. " You think, Does this mean I look better with straight hair?

Teri Evans, a blogger for the website Naturally, conducted a similar not-so-scientific dating test in 2007 by creating two online dating profiles, one with a photo of herself with naturally curly hair and one with her hair straightened. The photo with the flat-iron style got more page views, e-mails and winks.

But — and this is key — the hair didn’t really end up making that much of a difference when she met the matches face-to-face, and the actual dates eventually went OK, as soon as she got comfortable in her curls.

It’s been more than 10 years since the actress and style icon showed up at the “Shakespeare in Love” premiere with long, stick-straight extensions.

And suddenly, boom — “Blow-out salons [popped up] across the landscape.

But if not I gently correct him to how he can play with it. he's taken to putting his finger through the middle of the curl. I (jokingly) told him if he ruined my day one curls, it was over.

In this culture, in this time and place, it is certainly a safer place to have straighter hair in the work force, especially if you are Jewish or Greek or Italian or Latina — ‘not quite like us.’” In 2008, “Good Morning America’s” Taryn Winter Brill conducted a straight-versus-curly experiment and showed pictures of herself with each hairstyle to various focus groups.

“I find that curly-haired people are obsessed about what they put on their hair,” says Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler/Redken salons in New York and Miami, saying that curly-haired people are “more inclined to give their two cents in their experience in the haircut.” “Straight-haired woman will look on the front of the [hair product’s] bottle and it’s a catchy, emotional sell,” Cutler adds.

“Curly-haired people go to the back of the bottle” — for the ingredient list. There’s the curly-haired crowd who just want to embrace the hair they have and then there’s the crowd who are not sure what do with it, so they want to reinvent it.” Why are we like this?

It also was when hairstylists started Japanese straightening treatments and then Brazilian,” says Kristin Perrotta, executive editor at Allure magazine.

No matter, she adds, that not everyone could pull off the look.

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Several roommates and neighbors have been awakened or lulled to sleep by fire-blasting hair dryers that whip and shape and wrestle my normally wavy-frizzy light brown hair into some semblance of sleek order. Google “curly hair” and find message boards, blogs and products set to offer a sort of support system for untamable, frizzy, disorganized bad hair days.

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