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"As we've practiced courtship, our family has enjoyed more rewards than we would have ever dreamed possible.

So far, none of our children (ages 20 through 25) is married, but we aren't worried, since we know God has a plan for their .

Instead his inquiry needed to be directed to her father.

This relationship may be built through shared activities or--in cases where the two do not live near one another-through letters and telephone calls.

As we prayed about God's choice of a spouse for each of our children, we have focused on five areas of personal development that we feel are critically important-- person should demonstrate spiritual depth, a strong biblical character, financial responsibility, sexual and emotional purity, and the ability to lead a simple, practical life.

We also know plenty of families where courtship has been successful.

But like so many things that we've tried or experienced as a family, courtship had brought us together in laughter and in tears, and it has encouraged us to pray.

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Otherwise, don't even bother starting a relationship. (As for our sons, they know they must meet the same guidelines before they can begin courting a young woman.)Since courtship is reserved only for young couples spiritually and financially ready for marriage, this effectively means no courtship or dating during the high school years, and perhaps not until after college graduation.