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Christian women dating non christian man

This request triggered my own reflections on the nature of people’s concerns about interfaith marriage.

Indeed, a number of imams, notably in Europe and North America, are conducting such marriages.

In the sight of God, the noblest among you is the one who is most deeply conscious of God.

It also states that “there is no compulsion in matters of religion” (256).

Some Islamic scholars argue that according to the Qur’an, the husband is the head of the family and thus entitled to exercise authority over his wife (), and that a non-Muslim may not exercise authority over a Muslim.

Others maintain that allowing a Muslim woman to marry a Christian or a Jew or, indeed, any man of another faith, may put her religious beliefs and rights at risk and potentially cause her to face oppression in the practice of her faith.

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If religion is not important to her or him, they may embrace Islam in name only in what may essentially be a conversion of convenience.

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