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Chatango sex

My first post stated I was being banned for posting reason an evidence or logically using a failure to utilize reason and evidence as supporting "secret methods of mass murder". No" an administrator there, assured me that I would not be banned for such activity. A member there with the username, "Jack Blood" had posted once or twice, but never offered any evidence for the steel core columns or directly opposed my information.I was banned from there for posting evidence and demanding others do the same. What I've seen and observed from you has been nothing but pleasant and very friendly. I believe the greatest issue with any chat is that something is lost, especially the connection we have on a human to human level. Moreover, many feel they can act the fool or say anything without regard for others thoughts or feelings without any reprocussions.Leaving ning and chatango is bittersweet but it's the beginning of another journey to finding ourselves as a site and truly making a leap into the unknown on our own. ah well, all good things come to an end, but it seems the miserable things go on and on and on... The people and moderators that were having issues have either left or dont use the shitango chat anymore.but seriously, it seems this is the fate of all chat rooms. i cant help but feel some responsibility for the way things have gone. As for me, the thrill is gone, (at least for now) . I and most of the former regulars have been a part of a slow dumbing down of the chat, in fact general courtesy is gone for the most part.I have used chatango for a time and I met some pretty cool people there and they don`t act All that Emo and they are not social rejects either. These people think they are god cuz they have an account called `Marisa` or `Naruto` or even `god`(Lulz).They are crazy people who waste alot of money for some account called -Insert anime character name from X anime-Chatango isnt all a bad site,overall. I mean,facebook but thats the past..where many normal people used to come just for chatting and now..

Welcome to the site, we do have a jb group - have at it.After a discussion has been properly (logically carried out) it sits around an people read it, then decide the information seems worthy of futher inquiry where upon the chat becomes the tool because spontaneous inquiry might answer more questions than most people have ready, or ask questions they had not thought of.How is using rules from the jblood radio show going to help?I guess a good suggestion would be to treat others as you would like to be treated.The two chat rooms solution was a miserable failure. I have always maintained that I rather see the room die a slow death rather than see the ego driven drama in there each day.

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You will see they refuse to use evidence and promote sensational info, provable as misinfo, or actions that can produce no official action. I have a thread about it and have just examined your chat, quite infested as far as I can discern. I've not participated much in chat, but think that if a large group are trying to get on the same page and get their specific qeustions answered chat could be a great service.