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It looks really nice and has a nice mobile version.Upon request, Cometchat team offers personal customization and their support is good & professional.We are glad to use and recommend Comet Chat for its useful features and for the quality of the customer services.Comet Chat is easy to install, update and use, can be integrated with the most known dating scripts. My experience with your work solution team is very good, one of the factors that we like is the brevity of the solution, but we understand that we are not the only ones that give us service and that is why we are very satisfied for your help in Our problems.Very soon I should order another one to be installed on my new website project maavoice!We installed an ELGG site and one thing that was critical to us was Comet Chat.Cometchat brings the power of messaging services to any website or app.

Comet Chat also has some of the best tech support in the business with extra fast response times and amazing results.

Good developers that work perfectly in collaboration. I'm a registered user in a site where Comet Chat is implanted as the basic chat room.

It is very useful, I like to talk with my friends and news visitors over there.

It was easy to set up, easily adopted by our user-base and had lots of great features included.

I have also had a number of interactions with their support team, they are quick to respond and very helpful. We have been using Comet Chat at our digital school for some time. I have used this great chat already some years with different scripts.

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Using Cometchat we get 3 times more registrations than before installing it. Cometchat is a professional chat software and it is a 'MUST' for any serious dating or social network.