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Canadian dating traditions in

With some exceptions, telephoning people in the very early morning or very late night is considered rude and disruptive.

Most do not appreciate being disturbed at work, either.

Most Canadians with full-time careers work from roughly 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday (so-called 9-to-5 jobs).

12 noon is usually considered lunchtime, while 6 PM is approximately when most families eat dinner.

Most corporate Canadian workplaces embrace a dress code known as "business casual," with outfits similar to the ones above representing the norm.

Ties and jackets for men have become increasingly uncommon in all but the most formal or high-ranking office settings.

The stereotype of the “polite Canadian” may be cliché, but it does have some basis in reality.

While obviously many Canadians fail at honouring these lofty principles, such values nevertheless provide the essence of “good manners” in mainstream Canadian society.Canada is usually considered a mostly egalitarian country in the tradition of other western democracies, meaning respect for hierarchy is not considered a particularly important value in daily life.Most Canadians are strong individualists of one form or another, and will dislike changing too much of their behaviour or personality to please others — indeed, such aggressive conformity may actually be scorned by others as phony or weak.Though attitudes can be more forgiving in hot summer months, most indoor businesses generally hold firm to the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” principle.Public nudity of any sort is illegal, and attempted only by the most avant-garde and attention-seeking.

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In contrast to some other parts of the world, Canada is not a nation with a lot of obscene or offensive gestures.