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Buddhist vegetarian dating

It is useful to bear this in mind even if one consumes meat, to resist developing a habit of callousness.

Many Buddhists (especially Mahayanists) practice vegetarianism as a means of cultivating compassion.

Honestly, the vegan burger is clearly the best burger I've eaten. We were recommended this place on a boat trip and we had no regrets giving it a try.The Jivaka Sutta hints that one could also make a good case for vegetarianism starting from any of the other brahmaviharas (loving-kindness, sympathetic joy, equanimity).Interestingly, it is loving-kindness rather than compassion that is mentioned first in the Jivaka Sutta.This may help us to be less inclined to consume out of mere greed.All of that having been said, it cannot be denied that the economic machine which produces meat also creates fear and suffering for a large number of animals.

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However, the Vietnamese menu isn’t anything you can’t order at a normal...

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