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The truth is, what's most important to me is that we tell a story that touches the hearts of millions of people that come to see it." And that! Bradley Charles Cooper (born January 5, 1975) is an American actor and filmmaker.The film received positive reviews from critics, though it earned little at the box office. I mean, look, more doors have been opened for sure, but it's not like I sit back with a cigar on Monday morning and go through the scripts that have been offered." He paired with Sandra Bullock in the comedy All About Steve, a film that was poorly received by critics, failed to attract a wide audience and earned them a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screen Combo.He played Phil Wenneck, one of the three friends—alongside Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis—to wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the previous night and the bachelor missing. Cooper appeared in the ensemble romantic comedy Valentine's Day (2010), directed by Garry Marshall, co-starring with Julia Roberts.

Cooper enrolled in the MFA program at the Actors Studio at The New School in New York City in 2000.

In 2018, Cooper produced, wrote and directed his first film with the musical romance A Star Is Born, in which he also starred, earning him three more Oscar nominations.

He also contributed to its US Billboard 200 number one soundtrack, for which he received a BAFTA Award for Best Film Music.

fandom is a very thirsty place filled with people who want Gaga and Bradley's onscreen love to be a reality, plenty of fans are wondering if there's something ~more~ going on between them. And I'm talking both onscreen: And offscreen: In fact, that very moment above, which was captured during Gaga's Vegas residency, caused fans to fully spiral about the nature of their friendship: Side note: Moms are very much here for this conspiracy theory too! Speculation about the split started brewing when Gaga showed up at the Grammy Awards without her engagement ring: And then confirmed the news, with a source saying, "It just didn’t work out. There’s no long dramatic story."Yeah, tell that to fans: Insane, right? Okay, so remember when Gaga got these musical notes inked on her arm?

Behold, a random sampling of thirst-tweets: First of all, the answer to "Is there something more going on between them? The notes probably read G-A-G-A, but there's a theory that they Irina even showed up to the Golden Globes with Bradley, where, yes, fine, this very awkward photo was taken: Which, yes, fine, only made people more convinced of Gaga and Bradley's IRL love: This was in 2016 around the time was filming.

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