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So listed below are the 3 male body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph, along with their characteristics. Generally, ectomorphs can lose fat very easily which makes cutting back to lean muscle easier for them.

It was only then I started making some real gains and I’ve never looked back. Ecto’s have a light build with small joints and lean muscle. They have a fast metabolism which burns up calories very quickly.

So it’s important to be able to identify and understand your body type. Usually ectomorph’s have long thin limbs with stringy muscles. Ecto’s need a huge amount of calories in order to gain weight.

The downside to mesomorphs is they gain fat more easily than ectomorphs. Usually a combination of weight training and cardio works best for mesomorphs.

The endomorph body type is solid and generally soft. Endo’s are usually of a shorter build with thick arms and legs. Endomorphs find they are naturally strong in leg exercises like the squat.

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Wenn du unsere Kontaktanzeigen durchstöberst, wirst du schnell feststellen, dass viele Erwachsene aus der Umgebung gibt, die deinen Präferenzen entsprechen, und ebenfalls nach einer unverbindlichen Beziehung auf der Suche sind.

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