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You want someone who will truly love YOU for who you are and won’t judge you if you gain a couple of pounds, wear glasses, have spider veins, a sagging butt, or alopecia!The best people are the ones who see the real you, the person who is funny, caring, strong, hard-working – all those great qualities that you have!"Adrienne does her make up so well that I had absolutely no clue!But I had already recognized that she was something special and I would have to be an idiot to let something like hair change my opinion of her."Tell them on the third date.That way, even if you get rejected, the most it takes to get over it is a glass of wine or two!At that stage, you can say to yourself, “Well, I’m sure glad I found out NOW that this person is so shallow that they can’t see me for the wonderful person I am.” Anyone who would not want to date you just because you have alopecia will disappear at the first sign of trouble on ANY front.You need to do what is right for you and your partner in a way you are comfortable with and a timeline you can handle.And keep in mind that it's never too late to dip into the social scene and raise your self-confidence no matter your age or relationship history.

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We hope that the stories of Adrienne, Debbi and Carol can give you some guidance, as well as inspiration to know that you can find support in your significant other!

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But when us ladies really get talking and sharing stories of our alopecia, the topics that come up again and again are .

Some women start losing their hair and, as a result, lose all of their confidence. It is so much a part of what we think of as beauty, without hair, it can be hard to imagine a partner finding you attractive.

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The third date is that moment when things are starting to get a little more serious, so you're not wasting emotional energy on someone too early.