Assassins creed 2 updating launcher No fee or sign up local pussy

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Assassins creed 2 updating launcher

The underlying gameplay is also very similar to AC1 as you can see from the video, although the characters feel more fleshed out, the game world feels larger, and there is greater variety of missions and available actions.

Unfortunately, it seems that aside from the delays, AC2 will be remembered primarily for introducing a new form of copy protection/Digital Rights Management (DRM) developed by Ubisoft.

As noted earlier, these saves can be stored online or on your drive depending on your preferences.

Finally, once the game is exited, if the Ubisoft Game Launcher window is still open it can be closed.

This is not surprising given the game was originally designed for the popular gaming consoles, which have 2005-era hardware in them.

As such, even modest gaming PCs should be able to run AC2 without any major difficulty.

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Obviously the major drawback of this system is that if you live in an area where your Internet connection is not stable, it may impact on your ability to play this game.

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