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In cases involving allegations of rape, how evidence is handled - along with eyewitness testimony - is equally important.Too often, male college students are treated as guilty before their trial even begins. Weiner consults when necessary forensic experts, lab technicians, DNA specialists, hair and fiber analysts, and others when evaluating the evidence against our clients and the actions of police.

We wish to thank all those who voted and support our efforts in managing 20 wildlife sanctuaries around the state, preserving over 3,000 acres of open space in Connecticut and educating over 100,000 children and adults annually at their seven centers throughout the state.In cases involving serious felony charges, our office has the resources necessary to conduct our own investigation and challenge the evidence against you.We represent students from University of Connecticut (UConn), Norwalk Community College, University of Bridgeport, Sacred Heart University, and other colleges throughout Connecticut.Colleges are not really equipped to ensure college students receive due process when arrested for a crime.They may try to expel you or penalize you before a disciplinary board if the allege crime took place on campus or in a dorm. Weiner can represent you if you are allowed to have legal counsel or advise you if you must appear before a board by yourself.

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